Work in New Zealand and how to obtain a visa based on the required professions 2023

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Working in New Zealand is loved by many people due to the fact that the country offers them many job opportunities there, and a choice between professions required in the labor market, through which you can apply for a travel visa to New Zealand.

What is a visa to search for work in New Zealand?

A New Zealand work search visa means the following:

It belongs to an immigration program for skilled workers.
It is concerned with the points migration system.  , as the normal immigration program to New Zealand, you need to get a set of points, which are added to your balance.
The points required as a minimum of 100 points, make you eligible to enter the Skilled Labor and Immigration Program to work in New Zealand.

Also, the immigration program to New Zealand requires many things, which are aimed at highly skilled individuals.

Where a program has been established that is relied upon in immigration to work, which is a special program known as a Silver fern visa, which is characterized by the following:

The program grants a New Zealand job search visa to 300 applicants each year.

It offers visas to the first people who apply in this program and who meet the immigration requirements for work.

How can you obtain a visa through employment opportunities in New Zealand?

In order to work in New Zealand, you must obtain a transit visa, through job opportunities in various professions required in the labor market in this country, and you can do this through the following:

You must be at least 20 years old, as well as not more than 35 years old, as a condition of obtaining a work visa in New Zealand.
It is also required that you be proficient in the English language, by having the IELTS language certificate, in which the total of the points obtained is not less than 6.5.
In addition, you must have a study qualification, through a certificate that is recognized in New Zealand in order to work, where it is required to be documented and equalized before applying for a New Zealand visa.
You must also have practical scientific experience, which qualifies you to practice your profession in the work that you will practice in New Zealand, where the experience is required to be no less than 2 years.

You must also provide proof of your bank account documents, which reveal that you have an amount of 4,200 dollars, in order to cover your expenses in New Zealand after searching for job opportunities in the various professions required in the labor market there.
You have to submit a health check document, which is health insurance approved in the country, that proves that you are in good health.

Here are the most important categories that can obtain a New Zealand visa:

We may find a group of categories that can obtain a New Zealand visa by working in the country through the following:

Where we find the skilled immigrant labor category, in which it is required to obtain a security point of up to 100 points.
There is the residence category of investors, which is also included in the points system for immigration to New Zealand, which concerns the following:

1-savings system.
2-money system.

3-It is also required in this aspect that the investment period shall not be less than 2 years in the country.

In addition to the category of residence for long-term business in New Zealand, by investing in projects related to the commercial field.

Finally, the category related to family reunification and those residing in New Zealand, which are as follows:
the husband
done wife
as well as the sons
In addition to the fathers
and brothers.

This is regarding the most important categories that can obtain a New Zealand visa.

The most important professions required in New Zealand that can be worked in:

You can work in New Zealand through the most important professions required there, which are as follows:

Auto electricians
Been employed in the field of diesel engine mechanics
And workers in the field of public electricity
Also, electronics engineers
In addition to workers in the field of mechanics of power lines
Construction project managers have been in the field of roads and infrastructure
There are workers in the area of ​​quantities
and technicians in civil engineering
Including environmental research scientists.

Other occupations required in New Zealand to work:

ICT Quality Assurance Engineers
ICT support engineers
and clinical psychologists
As well as engineers of information technology systems and testing
As well as civil engineers
Technical addition in the field of electrical engineering
and electrical engineers
Have been working in the field of land area
And engineering professionals
Including those working in the field of cooking, Chef de Partie or even higher
They also include food technology workers
Done chemical engineers
and materials engineers
In addition to geotechnical engineers
and structural engineers
Industries engineers have been
Also production engineers
and environmental engineers
As well as technician in the field of electronic engineering
and purchasing managers
Worked in the field of diagnostic and interventional radiology
Medical radiotherapy workers
And medical laboratory scientists

Other professions required to work in New Zealand:

Gynecologists, obstetricians and infertility doctors
And vets
and ICT project managers
ICT Business Analysts have been
Also, mechanical engineers
So are systems analysts
In addition to those working in the field of multimedia
and web developers
and software analytics

Programmers and developers have been
Then software engineers
Including software testers
Including software and application programmers
been responsible for the databases
As well as those working in the field of medical physics
and workers in the field of physical therapy.
and psychiatrists
Animation film workers
As well as doctors in the field of general surgery
Employees in the field of security and information and communication technology
and system administrators
Networks and computer systems
network administrators
and information and communication technology support personnel
This is with regard to the professions required in New Zealand that enable you to work in them.

At the end of this article, we hope that we have covered all aspects of this issue that concerns work and obtaining a New Zealand visa.

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