Work in Ireland and work permits in Ireland 2023

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Many people dream at the present time to travel to Ireland in order to obtain a work contract in the country as well as to settle and obtain permanent residence in the country, and it is worth noting that a job in the country will not be obtained automatically, but a work permit or a green card permit must be obtained to Work within the country, especially if the person is from outside the European Economic Area, which is represented in twenty-seven countries of the European Union in addition to Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, as well as Bulgaria and Romania.

Ireland’s labor market needs:

The services sector in Ireland represents about 67% of the state’s economy, while the pharmacy and electronics field, in addition to the mining and food industries, make a good contribution to achieving economic growth within the country. For graduates of information technology, tourism and hospitality, and many multinational companies have been opened within the country to provide job opportunities for students with university degrees, especially in the Department of Technology and Science.

Work permits in Ireland:

In Ireland, there are four types of work permits: a green card permit, a work permit, as well as a work permit within a transport company and a work permit for spouses. To obtain one of these permits, an application form for obtaining a work permit must be filled out and sent to the Department of Jobs and Projects in the capital A work permit in the country is issued for two full years, and the salary that an individual receives is approximately thirty thousand euros. This permit to work within the country also gives the employee the right to family reunification after one year of work and residence in the country.

Green Card Permit in Ireland:

This card is issued for businesses whose salary exceeds 60 thousand euros, and this type of permit is issued for specific businesses whose salary ranges between 30 thousand euros to 60 thousand euros in order to obtain a specific list of jobs in the country. The holder of this permit is also entitled to apply for family unification from the wife And the boys.

Requirements to work in Ireland:

It is necessary to obtain a permit from the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform to stay and work in the country in case the person is a citizen from outside the European Economic Area
Granting asylum to a citizen from outside the European Economic Area
You must hold a commercial permit to run business within the country
It is necessary to register as a student and work about 20 hours per week.

How to obtain the citizenship of Ireland:

Irish citizenship can be obtained after obtaining a work contract in the country. An application for citizenship is submitted after at least six years of settling in the country, and it can also be obtained by marrying an Irish citizen. In this case, citizenship is obtained after three years of Marriage, but if a person holds any European nationality and wants to settle in Ireland, he can apply for a state passport after five years of working in the state

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