Why don’t you think of immigrating to Portugal? These are the advantages of this beautiful country

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We will learn about the advantages of immigration to Portugal, and we will explain during the lines the advantages of life in this country, from arrival to obtaining Portuguese citizenship, in addition to some other points.

Advantages of Immigration to Portugal:

1_ Although Portugal is not one of the rich countries of Europe, life in Portugal is very beautiful in terms of services, in addition to the great calm that Portugal enjoys in terms of life in general.

2 _ The average income in Portugal is average compared to other European countries such as Switzerland, Norway and others, but the cost of life in Portugal is much lower than these countries, and the average salary in Portugal, although it is lower than the average in some European countries, it is better due to the high cost of life in these countries.  Countries.

3_ Portugal is one of the Schengen countries, and this feature is one of the most important features of immigration to Portugal, especially for those who wish to immigrate to Portugal through investment, as it allows them to obtain Portuguese residency to move between all Schengen countries.

4 _ If you obtained residence in Portugal and reached the stage of applying for Portuguese citizenship, you will not be obliged to give up the citizenship of your home country or any other citizenship you hold, if the citizenship law in Portugal allows dual citizenship.

5 _ Residence in one of the member states of the European Union, and this gives you sufficient strength in terms of mobility and job opportunities in Europe.

6_ Investment opportunities in Portugal are good and many, as Portuguese law allows investment in fixed deposits, investment in real estate in Portugal, in addition to the field of business, and not only this, but the investment law in Portugal facilitates and encourages investors, and works to encourage and attract them from all over  World to invest in Portugal.

7 _ Enjoy the luxury of the medical field in Portugal, which is considered one of the best in the world.

8 _ The high ceiling of freedoms in Portugal, and the absence of religious persecution, persecution on the basis of race, or persecution for any reason whatsoever.

9_ Study and education in Portugal is among the best in the world.

10_ The infrastructure and transportation in Portugal is very good. Of course, transportation in Portugal is not the same as transportation in countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, but it is very special, and the resident in Portugal sings about private transportation such as taxis.

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