What are the Montreal, Canada, student visa requirements?

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To be qualified to attend school in Montreal, you must have:

1- A CAQ, or Certification of Acceptance in Quebec, issued by the Quebec government
2- Canadian government-issued study permit

1. The Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) Requirements:

You must: in order to receive a CAQ conducting studies
-Obtain the necessary funding
-Obtain acceptance into a Designated -Learning Institute in Quebec.
-Accept to follow all requirements for -granting a CAQ sponsored studies.
-Financial capability and necessary evidence possess enough money to cover expenses.

2. The prerequisites for a study permit:

Before submitting an application for a study permit, you must:

-a letter of acceptance from a recognized learning institution (DLI)
-a valid ID such as a passport or visa
-a Quebec government-issued Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ), as you’ll be attending school in Montreal. QC
-the evidence of financial backing

In your instance, you could also require:
-a letter of justification
-Custodian statement (minors only)
-additional records

Additionally, you must be a law-abiding citizen without a criminal record and not pose a threat to Canada’s security.

-You might be required to present a police certificate.

-be in excellent health. You might have to undergo a medical examination.
convincing an immigration official to let you leave Canada once you finish your education.

For more information on the matter we suggest for you to visit https://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/home.html.

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