Types of visas for foreign individuals who want to move to Italy

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One must first determine if they fall under the EU or non-EU class of immigrants before they can immigrate to Italy. EU citizens only need to sign with the police station located in the city where they will reside within eight days of entering the country, making the process simpler for them. A residence permit, or permesso di soggiorno, will be given to them. They will also need to provide their passport or identification card when it comes to the required paperwork.

Individuals from outside the EU have a variety of visa options when they want to relocate to Italy. Which are:

the student visa, which is issued to those who study in Italy for a brief period of time; the temporary residence permit, which allows a foreigner to live in Italy for a few years; the employment permit, which is available to those coming to Italy based on a labor relationship; the entrepreneurial permit, which enables a non-EU person to start a small business.
Other visas granted to non-EU citizens include family reunification, asylum, and stateless person visas, which are not frequently provided in Italy.

The golden visa is a special type of visa given to foreign nationals that enables the application for a residence permit based on investment. This kind of visa is typically given to non-EU nationals who want to make sizable investments in Italy in order to become citizens.

Italy-Immigration.com lawyers can provide comprehensive information on all the different sorts of visas that anyone looking to immigrate there can apply for.

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