The highest paying jobs in Canada that do not require a university diploma


What are the highest paying jobs in Canada? What is the average salary in Canada? Well, you are not obligated to work as brain surgeons, lawyers, professional athletes, and other jobs, in order to get good salaries. Canada offers many job opportunities with good salaries in order to live a happy life, and most importantly, these jobs in Canada do not require university degrees. We will try to focus as much as possible on the salaries of immigrants to Canada.

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Transit driver

Average salary for workers in Canada: $31,968 – $72,264

Requirements: Requirements vary by region, but usually you need a high school diploma, a driver’s license in an unregulated Ontario province, or a Canadian province, and you must meet all licensing criteria to drive a Class C bus.

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Arpenteur– Land surveyor

Average salary for occupations in Canada: $38,075 – $108,568

Requirements: You start the job if you are without any previous experience with a decent salary, but once you get a professional license, you can get about $65,000 annually. With time and professional experience, your income may turn into a six-figure salary.

web developer

Average salary: $32,700 – $75,114

Requirements: Many Canadian companies are looking for web designers and developers. And while some companies are looking for someone who has a university diploma in this field, others just want to see your talent and how good you are in this field.

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Average salary: $25,434 – $178,000

Requirements: As with any job in sales, you need to be lucky, but this can also depend on the real estate market in Canada. However, to become a realtor, you simply need a high school diploma, a real estate course, and a license to sell, if you can live in expensive cities to increase your chances, you’ll be fine.

Garbage truck driver

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Average salary: $31,779 – $61,264

Requirements: Most companies are looking for drivers who have a DZ license and good communication skills. Hourly earnings ranging from $15.24 to $25.06 depend on professional experience.


Average salary: $33,308 – $86,932

Requirements: At least a secondary level plus four to five years apprenticeship is usually required. Most provinces require trade certificates, but Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories do not.


Average salary: $38,388 – $100,688

Requirements: You must have at least a high school standard and a certificate in first aid and CPR, along with no criminal history, with a good understanding of the English language and the ability to communicate clearly in high-pressure situations. You should also be aware that there are rest times on nights and weekends like all other jobs. But as a firefighter, you can be called to work at your convenience, you don’t have to, this is only when necessity requires it.

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Court reporter

Average salary: $42,484 – $77,068

Requirements: No degree is required in this field and the requirements are no joke: You must be able to type at a speed of at least 225 words per minute with perfect accuracy. on the Steno machine.

Construction manager

Average salary: $55,164 – $162,078

Requirements: Although some companies require a bachelor’s degree, many just want work experience to keep upgrading operations on a construction project.

Welder – Plombier

Average salary: $33,877 – $85,602

Requirements: Secondary level, technical certificates in the welding profession. Qualified people for this job in Canada are very rare, and this is what made Canada suffer from a great shortage in this field despite the high demand for this job, whether from inside or outside Canada, and this is what made the welding job one of the highest-earning jobs in Canada, and usually The demand for this job is growing in Western Canada.


Average salary: $35,759 – $92,276

Requirements: High school education, technical degrees in the field of electricity, this type of job is usually in great demand all over the country.

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Automotive service technician

Average salary: $26,532 – $71,119

Requirements: High school education level, and in some car maintenance shops a degree in auto mechanic is required. The pay in this job is decent, you will never suffer for the messy work in it, everyone has to keep their car. That’s good, isn’t it? So you will be busy with work most of the time.

Executive Chef

Average salary: $39,701 – $80,243

Requirements: A chef can live a decent life in Canada. For this job, you only need a secondary education level. You also need to deal with stress and stand for long hours on your feet. Culinary certifications will likely be required, as well as professional experience as a cook. And this job is one of the 20 most wanted jobs in Canada for immigrants because of Syrian refugees and others. They need someone who has experience in oriental and Moroccan cuisine.

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Food Server

Average salary: $22,899-$33,085

Requirements: If you are good at dealing with people, and you are good at dealing with customers who are not good, then this is good, you can get this job easily if you only need to prove professional experience in this field to immigrate to Canada.


Average salary: $21,180 – $368,480

Requirements: Yes, there are more contenders than international superstars, but if Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, and more are the first in the business, that means you don’t even need a high school diploma to get fame and fortune. Just talent, and you can become a millionaire.

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Airtraffic controller

Average income: $47,344 – $911,169

Requirements: High School Diploma, Basic Radiotelephone Operator License, Completion of NAV Canada Training Program, Air Traffic Controller License. And this job is one of the most high-income jobs with a salary of $100,000 or more, in addition to the great rewards and benefits that make this job very tempting.


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