Study medicine in Ireland.. Learn about the 3 most prominent medical educational institutions in Ireland 2023

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The study of medicine in Ireland is one of the most important specialties in Irish universities, which attracts students of different nationalities and around the world, as there are many students who prefer to study medicine abroad due to the huge investments they spend on medical research and other fields in higher education. In the following lines of today’s article, we will learn in detail about studying medicine in Ireland.

Study medicine in Ireland:

Many foreign students wish to study medicine in Ireland, but it should be noted that the requirements and method of registration in Irish universities differ with regard to study programs related to medicine from one educational institution to another, and it should be taken into account that it is necessary to provide a certificate proving the student’s proficiency in the English language before Registration in the medical study program in Ireland.

It is worth noting that there are many ways by which the student can prove the ability of the student to master the language, the most important of which is passing the IELTS test with an average of not less than 6.00, and it should be noted that the rate obtained in this test is added to the rate of the passing certificate of the degree Secondary school, and the average admission in the last year is by obtaining 480 points as a minimum.

We can also say that medical study programs in Ireland usually take from four to six years, depending on the specialty that he wishes to study, with the aim of practicing medicine in the country, he must undergo a training year in surgery or medicine, under the supervision of a specialized doctor.

Best medical colleges in Ireland:

1- University College Dublin
This college has more than twenty specialized programs in the field of medicine, in addition to the availability of a range of degrees, and the duration of study may vary according to each specialization, including the following:

Specialization in Radiography: The study in this specialization extends to four years at a cost of up to 29 thousand euros per year.

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Master of Medical Sciences: The duration of study in this specialty may vary from one university to another, and the tuition fee is about 13 thousand euros per year
Studying general medicine: There are a number of conditions for admission to study this specialty, and the tuition fees for studying general medicine in Ireland are up to fifty thousand euros per year.
Specialization in Medical and Emergency Sciences: In this specialization, a bachelor’s degree in line with the nature of this specialty or an equivalent certificate must be available.

2- Trinity College Dublin:

This college has about 34 different programs to study medicine, and all of these fields are related to the following:

Bachelor of Radiotherapy: The study period in this specialty extends for approximately four years, at a cost of 21 thousand euros per year.
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy: The study of this specialty extends to four years, with tuition fees estimated at 21 thousand euros

Master of Medicine in Surgery: The duration of study in this specialization varies according to the courses, and its value is about 13 thousand euros.

Master of Obstetrics and Gynecology: The study for this specialty extends for two years, with a tuition fee of 11,000 euros

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3- National University of Ireland Galway

There are many specializations available at this university in the field of medicine. It also has more than sixty multi-programs in various specialties. The most important of these programs are the following:

Doctorate degree in medicine: for admission to this specialty, several conditions must be met, among which it is possible to obtain a master’s degree in medicine or a specialty equivalent to this specialty, and the study period may extend to approximately four years at a cost of thirteen thousand euros per year
Doctorate degree in Pediatrics: The duration of study in this specialty may be four years, at a cost of fourteen thousand euros per year

It is worth noting that this university offers other specializations, including:

Obtaining a PhD in Psychology
Bachelor’s degree in obstetrics or surgery
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Get a doctorate in radiology
Obtaining a master’s degree in medical sciences

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