Study in New Zealand – Scholarships and tuition costs in New Zealand universities

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Scholarships and study costs in universities:

New Zealand This country located in the far southeast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, is among the most important countries that attract students from different countries of the world, and a suitable destination for international students to study and learn. Its educational institutions are very developed, as they combine between  The factor of the good educational level, the factor of the appropriate cost of living for international students, New Zealand has known a scientific revolution that affected all its educational system.  Universities in New Zealand, as New Zealand universities are considered among the most important universities in the world, which offer the best courses in New Zealand. Studying in New Zealand is very different from other well-known study destinations around the world, as it provides important incentives for students enrolled in its universities from different countries of the world. 

, through different types of scholarships in New Zealand, while the costs of studying, are very not high and not cheap.  y within reach.

Through this article, we will address the most important aspects related to studying in New Zealand, how much does it cost to study in New Zealand, as well as the advantages of studying in New Zealand, and how much are estimated costs of studying in New Zealand.  And the most important scholarships in New Zealand 2023, and we will also address many aspects related to education in New Zealand, as a preferred destination for many international students.

Work in New Zealand for students:

A student can be allowed to work, according to the New Zealand law for students to work, within 20 hours a week during study, and 40 hours during school holidays, for master’s, doctoral and research students, they can study 40 hours a week for the duration of their studies in New Zealand.

Documents required to obtain a New Zealand visa:

It is necessary to prove the financial ability to spend, which is set at 15,000 New Zealand dollars, in the first year of study in New Zealand, with a financial guarantor provided for this purpose, or to provide evidence that you have obtained a scholarship in New Zealand.
You must submit a letter of acceptance from the New Zealand university, in which you intend to study.
Presenting a valid passport,
A personal photo must be submitted, with the approved specifications and with a white background.
Round trip tickets must be presented, with proof of financial ability to purchase these tickets.
Sometimes you may be asked for a medical examination, showing that the student is free of infectious diseases.
A criminal certificate is required.

How to get a student visa to study in New Zealand:

It usually takes a student to obtain a visa to study in New Zealand, between 20 to 25 working days, this period may be long, in the event that additional information is requested, as the student must review the website of the New Zealand Consulate located in your country.

Procedures for applying to study in New Zealand:

A certificate of proficiency in the English language must be submitted, such as: CertEAS (GIE TOEFL iBT – CAE – Pearson Test of English), where the required degree and the exam vary according to the specialization, university and academic degree required, such as the GIE test, which is not suitable for obtaining a degree  PhD, at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

You must submit university or high school diplomas that you previously obtained.
A statement must also be submitted containing the academic subjects and grades obtained.
A letter of motivation must be submitted to cause enthusiasm, in order to study the specialization at the university.
In order to enroll in New Zealand universities, a student may require letters of commendation, or files of interest for the student’s achievements.

The best universities in New Zealand:

There is the University of Auckland, which was founded in 1883, ranks first, according to the ranking of universities in New Zealand, and rank 142 on the global ranking level, it is located in Auckland.
The University of Otago, founded in 1869, ranks second in the ranking of universities in New Zealand, and 217th in the global ranking of universities, and is located in Dunedin.

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The University of Canterbury, which was founded in 1873, ranks third in the ranking of universities in New Zealand, and 333rd on the level of global university rankings, and is located in Christchurch.
The Victoria University of Wellington, which was founded in 1897, ranks fourth in the ranking of universities in New Zealand, and 471 in the world university ranking, and is located in Wellington.
Massey University, which was founded in 1927, ranks fifth in the ranking of universities in New Zealand, and 477th in the global university rankings, and is located in Palmerston North.

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Study costs in New Zealand:

The costs of studying in New Zealand, its baccalaureate fees may reach between 22,000 and 32,000 New Zealand dollars per year.

While the costs of studying in New Zealand for postgraduate and master’s studies, its fees may reach between 26,000 New Zealand dollars and 37,000 New Zealand dollars per year.
While the costs of studying in New Zealand for a doctorate are between 6,500 New Zealand dollars and 9000 New Zealand dollars per year, as a reminder, the costs of studying in New Zealand may increase in some disciplines such as medical and scientific disciplines, and that doctoral expenses for international students, it is the same for the people of the country allocated to them, there is no difference  between them .
With regard to living, in New Zealand, the international student is required to prove possession of 15,000 New Zealand dollars for the first academic year, or a confirmation of obtaining a scholarship from New Zealand scholarships, or the availability of a guarantee for this process, as the costs of living differ from one city to another, but in general it is  , ranging from $1,250 to $2,250 per month, plus up to $700 to $1,600 for renting a one-room apartment.

Scholarships in New Zealand:

We may find scholarships for the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, this institute offers scholarships in more than 30 study programs, in various university levels in New Zealand, with specializations such as engineering in most of them, and there may be study programs of interest to the food industries and arts,  Where the value of the scholarship varies, as well as the number of vacant places, according to the program allocated to study.
The Barbara Wood Memorial Foundation grants 1,000 New Zealand dollars per year.

There is a scholarship belonging to the Wintech Institute of Technology, which offers scholarships for masters, specialized in arts, nursing and sports sciences, the value of which may reach 2000 New Zealand dollars.
We also find the University of Waikato Scholarships, which are for international students and outstanding students, and may amount to 5000 New Zealand dollars.

Study in New Zealand:

Education in New Zealand is known as high-level, as New Zealand includes eight universities that are among the best 3 percent of other universities in the world, and New Zealand is one of the leading countries in terms of academic excellence, and education is allocated in line with the study needs of students. New Zealand  It ranks seventh in the world, according to the Education Index report of the United Nations Development Program, issued in January of 2019.

Studying in New Zealand and obtaining its evidence is considered an attraction in your CV, as it is undoubtedly the first thing that a potential employer sees, with regard to the applicant’s CV. The presence of New Zealand universities in your CV is an important indicator of your high qualifications,  Which the applicant has high skills, which he learned in New Zealand universities, as it opens up new horizons for you at the global level.
New Zealand is considered a country of peace, prosperity and coexistence, as it ranks second in the world in terms of peace, according to the 2018 Global Peace Index, and inevitably, studying in a calm, peaceful and politically stable atmosphere, as well as one of the lowest rates of corruption in the world, is in the interest of quality  New Zealand Education.
The New Zealand lifestyle of a balanced life, with no work all day, and no unemployment in New Zealand.
Education in New Zealand is based on a modern and modern method. In addition to the financial capabilities, as well as the equipment provided by educational institutions in New Zealand to international students, the student will learn critical thinking during his academic career there.
New Zealand society is characterized by welcome and good cohabitation, especially students who are valued and cared for, in terms of knowledge, learning and other advantages.

Regarding the dominant language, the New Zealand people speak English.

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