Step by step to register for university and get a seat in Germany

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After you have learned the German language and have your degree recognized, the next step is to apply for a study seat at the university.  What are the most prominent steps and conditions that Arab students must know and abide by before sending the application?

After you have successfully passed the first steps to start your university studies in Germany, which include learning the German language and obtaining recognition of your degree, you should now apply for a study seat at the university that qualifies you for the required specialization.  But before submitting your application, it is important to know first whether the specialization you intend to apply for is based on the principle of limited admission or not.

Limited admission

Some academic disciplines in Germany are witnessing intense competition for seats, as the number of applicants often exceeds the number of available seats significantly, and for this reason the distribution of study seats in Germany is based on the principle of admission on a limited scale, which is called in German Zulassungsbeschränkung.  This acceptance means that it applies to some German universities and not others.  There is acceptance at the national level, which applies to all universities, depending on the location of the study in Germany.

Admission forms for academic majors

The fields of study in which the principle of admission is adopted in all universities are the majors that are very popular in Germany among students.  These specializations are human medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, dentistry and the specialization of geographical information management. Admission to the mentioned specialties is based on the principle of differentiation known as Numerus Clausus.  This means choosing the number required for specialization according to the success rate in the secondary certificate, as priority is given to those with the highest rates.  Applications for these courses are available through

The website is the student’s compass that guides him to all the necessary information related to studying at German universities, and through the website you can find out whether the specialization you want is subject to a limited admission system or not.  This knowledge can be accessed by typing the name of the specialization and the name of the desired university in the search boxes on the website, so that the answer to your question will appear to you later.

The required documents

And sometimes you have to apply for studies by correspondence, because there are universities in Germany that do not yet rely on electronic application.  You can find out which universities accept this application at

You can find out the documents needed to apply through the foreign student offices.  As for the application forms, you can find them on the websites of the relevant university,, DAAD or  Only copies and translations certified by the relevant official authorities, such as German embassies, are accepted.  Some universities also accept documents in both English and French, according to the DAAD website.

Application dates

The application period for the winter semester starts at the beginning of May in many German universities.  In this semester, the lectures usually start in September or October.  As for the summer semester, whose lectures usually begin in April, the application period begins in early December and ends in mid-January each year, according to the DAAD’s application information section.

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