sbw berlin 2022 scholarship for bachelors and masters in Germany

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The sbw berlin scholarship 2022 aims to support young students from developing countries to study in Germany via the fully funded SBW Berlin Scholarship. Scholarship Administration Students who participate in social activities and students who wish to return to their countries after graduation to contribute to the improvement of their societies, particularly in the education sector, are encouraged to apply for the scholarship.

The SBW Berlin 2022 scholarship funds students to study for either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at any university in Berlin or Postdam. In special cases, the SBW Berlin Scholarship can also finance vocational training.

In partnership with other NGOs, SBW berlin offers fully-funded scholarships that cover tuition fees, living expenses and accommodation to scholarship winners. In return, students are required to return to their home countries for 18 months and also participate and start implementing social projects in Berlin and/or their home countries.

Applicants will be required to submit a project proposal during the application process which will be evaluated and students selected for the SBW Berlin Scholarship to implement the project.

Apply for sbw berlin 2022 scholarship in Germany

The following categories can apply for the sbw berlin scholarship 2022 – sbw berlin scholarship for Bachelor’s and Master’s

Citizens of countries in need of development from the following regions: Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.
Homeless students.
refugee students.
Settlement permit holders.
EU long-term residence permit holders
Students from EU countries and the European Economic Area who have had previous work experience in Germany related to their studies.
Students from the EU/EEA with permanent residence right.
Those in Germany who are funded by other institutions to pursue their studies are not eligible to apply.

Arab countries eligible to apply

Arab students from the following countries can apply as they belong to the list of developing countries:

To whom.

Advantages of SBW Berlin Scholarship in Germany:

Recipients of the SBW Berlin 2022 Berlin Scholarship will receive the following benefits:

Coverage of tuition fees.
A room in a shared student apartment at SBW.
Travel allowance for the flight from the applicant’s country to Germany (the maximum allowance for flights within Europe is 500€ and 1000€ outside Europe)
The monthly salary ranges between 325-550 euros. Please note that the monthly stipend you receive will depend on the rating of the project proposal you submit during application and which you will discuss during your interview. (You can check out the SBW Berlin application guide for more information)
Students usually get €100 per month for books.

Conditions for Berlin Scholarships for Bachelors and Masters 2022:

Applicants who wish to pursue their undergraduate or master’s degree studies in Germany with the sbw berlin 2022 scholarship program must meet all of the following conditions

The applicant’s uncle must be between 18 and 30 years old.
Have a cumulative GPA equivalent to 2.0 points in the German system. (see table below)
Applicants must apply before the start of the university or can be fully enrolled in the first or second year or as a maximum in the third year at a state-recognised university (in Germany or abroad).
Applications for a master’s degree must be submitted shortly after the bachelor’s degree.
Students applying for SBW Berlin scholarships must prove that they have not stayed in Germany for more than 18 months.
Applicants must not have first-degree family members permanently residing in Germany.
Willingness to return to the applicant’s home country to work for 18 months after graduating from Germany.
The applicant must have participated in volunteer experiences or professional work in NGOs.
Ability to demonstrate low net income. The total family income must not exceed the officially declared average income of the applicant’s country. This includes all sources of income such as job salary, property and business activities).

How do I increase my chances of being accepted into the scholarship?

The sbw berlin scholarship is among the most competitive scholarships available. In order to increase your chances of obtaining a scholarship to study in Germany, make sure that you first fulfill the above-mentioned scholarship conditions. In addition, consider the following points when applying for the sbw berlin 2022 scholarship:

Presenting an excellent social project idea.
To have a vision for the development of your country.
Ability to demonstrate financial need for the scholarship.
Have previous volunteer or non-profit experience.
Get excellent grades in the previous stages.
Meet the age requirement.
Not to have another source of funding, internally or externally.
Scholarship applicants must not have first-degree relatives living in Germany.

Required Documents for SBW Berlin 2022 Scholarship:

The SBW Berlin scholarship requires several documents from applicants to submit while applying for the scholarship.

There are some mandatory documents that must be submitted with the application by the deadline, otherwise the application will not be considered. Other additional documents may be submitted if available and some will be required later if the student is selected for the scholarship. It is recommended that you submit as many documents as possible even if they are not mandatory.

Uncertified copies or translations of the document are sufficient for the application process. However, if students are selected for the SBW Berlin Scholarships and pass the selection process, all documents and/or translated documents must be notarized for the verification process.

Application dates for the sbw berlin scholarship:

The scholarship is open for applications twice a year. The first date: starts from mid-May of each year until the end of June. The second appointment runs from mid-November to the end of December.

The results are released at the beginning of February, and at the beginning of August of the following year.

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