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Residence and introduction to Italy
Residence in Italy, immigration to Italy, and conditions for obtaining residence and citizenship in Italy in this article are analyzed in a scientific and accurate manner. What are the ways to obtain residency in Italy? Is it possible to obtain Italian citizenship and passports? Is it possible to obtain residency in Italy through work? There are some very important points about obtaining residency in Italy that we will summarize and verify in this article. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with its own fans. So if you would like to know the requirements for residency in Italy, please follow us on this page. If you need more expert advice on residing in this country, you can read other articles on this site or contact the experts at MIE Consulting for free advice. You can also ask your questions at the bottom of this article so that our experts can answer your potential questions as quickly as possible.

In this section of the article, you can ask your questions so that our consultants will answer them as soon as possible

Residence in Italy and its general conditions
Obtaining residency in Italy may be of interest to many. Italy is a beautiful and historical country in the southern European continent. Italy is the fifth most populous country in Europe, with Rome being the most populous city and its centre. It has a population of 60 million and an area of about 30,000 square kilometers. The euro is the currency in Italy and the official language of the country is Italian. In most parts of Italy, the climate is Mediterranean. The climate is cold in the north and dry and warm in the south. The people of this country are very kind and have a good attitude towards tourists and visitors.

In this article, we have tried to analyze the methods of immigration to Italy and ways to obtain residence in this country, and we will examine how difficult and easy it is to obtain residence in Italy by any means. Anyone can apply for a residence permit in Italy in various ways, including education, work, investment, and other ways. MIE Consulting will accompany you in any of the mentioned ways and provide you with the required information.

Residency in Italy through work
Getting a job in Italy may be more difficult than in some other European countries, due to the high unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in Italy is close to 11%, which is much higher in other European countries, such as Austria or Germany, known as the industrial hub of the European Union. You need a job offer letter from an Italian employer to get a work visa in Italy. To receive this letter, the employer must prove that he was unable to find the person concerned for the job in Europe as well as Italy.

Obtaining this letter is very difficult given the high unemployment rate. If the employer can send a letter of invitation to the person, the person will be granted residency for 5 years. During this period, this job will be considered, and if you comply with all Italian labor and social laws, you will receive an Italy passport after 5 years of residence in Italy.

Residence in Italy by studying
Italy has some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Italian universities accept students at all levels. You must first apply for admission to Italian universities by submitting academic certificates, and if the person does so, they can apply and enter the country of study. The cost of studying in Italian universities varies greatly, ranging from 2,000 euros to up to 40,000 euros per year. Upon arrival, the person will be granted temporary residence for one year. After the end of this year, the person must provide evidence that the person has successfully completed one academic year. Long-term residence in Italy cannot be obtained only with a student visa.

The person must get a job in his field of study. Note that the percentage of students who were able to live and work in the country after graduation is very low, and most of them have gone to other countries to work. Studying at Italian universities is available in both Italian and English. Italy is very popular, because it offers many scholarships for international students. It also offers local scholarships in addition to scholarships from various universities and institutions.

Residence in Italy by investment
Investment is one of the ways in which a person can obtain residency in Italy. The company can be registered in this country for the production and implementation of entrepreneurship. The most common type of company registration in most countries is a limited liability company. In Italy, most people who are planning to start a business in Italy are registered with an LLC. The initial capital allocated for the registration of a limited liability company in Italy is ten thousand euros. But for entrepreneurship in Italy, one has to invest around 50,000 euros. In addition to the company registration process, it is possible to invest and buy bonds in Italy. If the value of the securities you purchased is not less than 2 million euros. By investing, a person will first get a 2-year residency, and after two years, a 3-year residency.

After the fifth year, it is possible to apply for permanent residence and a passport in Italy. In general, in order to invest in any country one needs to consider several important factors. These include the taxes levied in that country as well as the GDP rate which determines how profitable a person’s investment is in the process. In 2016, taxes in Italy were set at 31.17%.

Residency in Italy by birth
First, we have to know that there are two important systems for obtaining permanent residence in Italy and also the passport through birth. Soil and blood system. In Italy, it is based on the blood system, meaning that a child born in Italy must have an Italian father or mother to obtain an Italian passport. This indicates that the alien will not obtain an Italian residency or passport if the child is born in Italy. However, it should be noted that under the terms of Italian law, it also grants residence and citizenship under Italian law, if the child is born in Italian territory of unknown origin and no nationality has been granted to him. Italy will grant a child born on its territory residency in Italy and citizenship by birth.

Residence in Italy by marriage
By law in Italy, any foreigner who marries an Italian man or woman and has an officially registered marriage, the Italian government provides the foreigner with an Italian passport and residence. This marriage can take place in Italy or any other country, and only significant evidence is required to prove that their marriage is real and not fake. These documents include the submission of the marriage applicant’s original passport, which must also be valid. Spouses must also show that they are single and not involved in marriage or other life. If they are already married and divorced, they will need to provide proof of their divorce. The important thing is that for permanent residence, the spouses must have been married for three years and can apply for a passport by the end of the fifth year of marriage.

Accommodation in Italy and living expenses
The cost of living in different countries varies depending on the lifestyle of the individual. The most important part of the cost of living is the cost of renting a property. Property rental in Italy varies by city. In large cities, the cost of renting real estate is often higher than in small cities, and in the center of each city the cost of real estate is higher than outside the city. So that suburban living can be chosen to lower the cost of living.

Residence in Italy and obtaining citizenship
Residency in Italy can be obtained according to all of the above conditions. The length of stay depends on the type of procedure the person performs. In the investment process, a person is first given a two-year residency and then a three-year residency. By the time you enter the study, you should eventually be working in this country. In the work visa process, residency will be determined and given depending on the type and duration of the work contract. In the marriage process, spouses must live together for three years to apply for permanent residence. But in general, whatever a person’s course of action is, they must eventually have 5 years of legal residence before a person can apply for permanent residence.

It is also possible to apply for citizenship and passport as well as residency in Italy after 6 years. But some things should definitely be thought about, such as knowing the Italian language, properly integrating with Italian society and knowing Italian laws. They also check that the person will not commit a crime in this country pay taxes correctly and completely.

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