Qatar visa for family residence

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The Qatari family residence visa is the type of permit that non-resident workers can obtain to bring their closest family members such as spouse and children for a long-term stay in the country.  It is very important for each family member (even for children) to have a separate visa to stay in Qatar.

Besides, the non-resident applicant must fulfill some eligibility requirements such as qualifications, salary rate and residency in order to bring his immediate relatives.  Applicants must also submit various papers, including verified educational certificates, tenant payroll, and rental agreements.

NB :

-The Ministry of Interior has recently expanded the list of countries where residents can use the Metrash 2 mobile application to obtain a family residence visa.  In order to become an applicant, it is necessary to enter personal information and upload copies relevant to using the application.

Qatar Family Visa Requirements

Below you can see the list of requirements that you must meet in order to be able to apply for a family visa:

Residence permit:

This condition means a valid residence permit in Qatar.  Remember that your ID or residence card must be active before the application process begins.


As mentioned in the Qatar ID card, the qualification of the sponsor must be a technical or a specialist.  Persons related to the class of work (eg: builders, transporters, plumbers, etc.) may not be allowed to bring their relatives regardless of their income.

Salary rate:

The employee must earn at least QR 10,000 to meet the salary rate requirement.  Employees whose salaries are not less than 7,000 Qatari riyals are also eligible.  However, in this case, the employer must provide free family housing.  Income rules are necessary to ensure that the applicant can support his or her family’s expenses, including housing and food.


When your salary rate exceeds 10,000 Qatari Riyals you must show a rental contract certified by the authorities.  If your salary rate is between 7000 QR and 10000 QR, you need your own tenant to provide your family accommodation.  If they don’t, you must attach an employment agreement that specifically states that your employer pays an additional subsistence allowance in addition to your regular wages.

Family residence visa:

Once you have decided to become an applicant, ask your institution to see if they can help you manage the process.  Employers generally are not responsible for assisting or paying their employees’ visa fees, but some agree to assist with this procedure as part of their contracting agreements.

The complete application process for obtaining a family residence card can be divided into the following procedures:

Procedure 1. Obtaining an entry visa: online and offline methods
Procedure 2. Arrival in Qatar with entry visas
Procedure 3. Perform a health check
Action 4. Dactyloscopy . examination
Procedure 5. Obtaining a family residence permit card.

Procedure 1: Obtaining an entry visa: online or offline methods:

Here you must submit all the necessary papers to obtain a family entry visa.  This visa is only valid for a month but it may enable your wife and children to enter the country.  However, other procedures such as medical examinations and fingerprint scanning must be carried out after coming to Qatar.

In fact, another approach focuses on bringing your spouse and children into the country using a visitor visa.  This approach greatly simplifies the process.  Remember that you have a chance to convert a visitor visa into a family residence visa after submitting the same papers.  However, in case of transfer of visit visa without exiting Qatar, you will have to pay an additional 500 QAR.

NB :

All workers in the private sector are required to show a bank statement for a period of six months;  That is why many of them prefer to take their family members on a visitor visa until the end of the six-month period.

Documents required for application procedures:

When applying, make sure you have all of the following papers:

1- Completed application in Arabic (Not required if using a mobile application.)
2- Photos of the front and back of the Qatar ID card.
3- A copy of the identity page of your passport (the page containing your photo, date of birth, etc.)
4- Passport copies of all family members who will enter Qatar.
5- A copy of the marriage contract – certified by the embassy of your country in Qatar, the embassy of the State of Qatar in your country, and the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
6-A copy of the birth certificates of all children – certified by the institutions as described above.
7- Certified copies of all your certificates.
No objection letter from your institution outlining your qualifications and income (written in Arabic and dated within the last three months.)
8- A copy of the company/employer registration card.
9- A copy of your rental contract certified by the municipality or proof from your company that it will accommodate your family members.
10- A stamped six-month bank statement to confirm your salary rate.
11- A work contract certified by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs.

NB :

-Transcripts of diplomas, work contract and ID card of the employer are optional when it comes to public sector establishments.
-If some of the original documents are not in Arabic or English initially, you need to translate them.  Many small companies in Qatar that deal with certificates and verification can help you translate all the paperwork.

(If your children are adopted, you must also attach all relevant paperwork, including the reasons for adoption.

Method 1: Online application using mobile application

Recently, the authorities have made the whole procedure easier by enabling applicants to upload all the necessary papers using the mobile application.  After downloading the application, you need to register and start the application process.  Once you do that, follow the instructions below:

1-When you log in to Metrash, click on “Visa”.
2-After that, click on the “Issue a visa” icon.
3- Next, you need to click on “Family Visit”.
4- Finally, click on “Family Resident App.”

note :

By default, you are suggested to have a family visitor visa.  In order to apply for a residence visa, you must change this option as described here:

5. Select “New Application” (bottom right of the screen.)

6. Complete the application accurately with the necessary details.  Then click on “Verify”.

7. Follow the instructions on your phone and upload all the required documents

note :

– All photos and scans must be legible.
– Remember that the photo and resume page must be placed in a single JPG file when uploading passport scans.  You can use a third party app to paste scans/photos together.
– In contrast, when uploading a Qatar ID, make sure to put both the front and back sides together in the same file.
8. Once your order is confirmed, you are expected to receive a notification (It may take a few days.)

If your application is approved, you have to pay the visa fee of 200 QR online through Metrash 2 or visit the immigration office.

Method 2: Apply for Family Residence Offline:

If for any reason it is not possible to use a mobile app, you can always place an order directly.  In this case, you need to fill out a form in Arabic as an addition to the other papers mentioned above.  If you do not speak Arabic, you can ask for help at any typing office.

Click here to download the Arabic form :

Take all the necessary papers to the Immigration Department located in the Al-Gharafa area.  To avoid long queues, it is best to visit early in the morning.

Once inside, you must take a virtual number from the front desk and wait patiently for your turn.  When you see your number displayed, go to the department manager and submit all required papers and copies.  If everything is OK, the management should accept the request and notify you within a few days.

If your application form is approved, your next step will be to pay the visa fee of QR 200.  Note that you will be required to use your bank card to make the payment.

If the application is rejected:

the solution

-In some cases, your visa application can be refused even if you followed everything correctly.  In fact, you can visit the immigration department and negotiate with the visa approval committee.
-The officers will arrange the meeting and give you a copy of the confirmation, where they must state the date of the meeting (officers generally keep the original).
If they do not discover any significant issues with your submitted papers after their thorough examination, you will be provided with an appointment with the approval committee.
-During the meeting, the committee may ask you several questions regarding your income or qualifications.
-In addition, do not forget to take with you the originals of all required papers, including all your certificates and diplomas.  Committee members may ask you to show them documents.  If there are no issues, you are expected to get approval within a few days.

Action 2: Arrival in Qatar with entry visas:

When you pass all the formalities, your wife and children can come to the country.  Remember that this type of visa expires a month after the date of arrival, which means that subsequent procedures, including a health examination and a dactyloscopy examination, must be taken during this period.  If your spouse and children arrive using a visitor visa, it is possible to proceed to the following procedures.

Action 3: Take a health check:

The process of obtaining a residence permit generally requires several medical examinations.  The basis of this obligation is to protect people from various infections from aliens.  To start the process, you should visit the medical commission department, which has the primary responsibility for administering this examination.  Their office is located in Al Muntazah Street, Doha.

There is nothing special about a health check, and it usually includes a general blood test, a photograph, and testing for various serious diseases such as hepatitis B or C and tuberculosis.

You are required to take all the documents mentioned below:

– Passport (original)
– A legible copy of your valid visa.  Don’t forget to write your contact number just in case
– Bank card for payment
– To take a medical test, you have to pay a fee of QR100 (per person).

NB :

– Children are not required to have a medical examination.  However you must take their passports and visa copies to the medical commission office and pay the fee to mark them as approved in the bylaws.

– In the event that a visitor visa is converted into a residence visa, you have to tell the employee about it.
-The results of health examinations are sent electronically to the database of the Ministry of Interior.  Within two days, you can check the results using your Metrash2 account.  Besides, it is also possible to see the results on the web page of the Ministry of Public Health.

Procedure 4: Dactyloscopy examination

For security reasons, all applicants are required to digitally register their fingerprints with the Ministry of Interior.

NB :

-Before a dactyloscopy, you are also required to obtain a blood type certificate, which you can obtain from any local medical center.  It usually costs around 50 QR.

In order to undergo a dactyloscopy examination (fingerprint scan) in Qatar, you have to visit CEID – Department of Criminal Evidence and Information.

Before visiting the department, make sure that you have the following documents with you:

-Copy of the employee’s passport and ID card
-The applicant’s original passport and its copy
-Two passport sized photos taken in a blue field
-blood type certificate

Additionally you have to fill out an application form which you may take at the department.  If you get a confirmation after scanning, you need to keep it for the future.  Once you have completed the dactyloscopy scan, you will be expected to receive a notification in your Metrash2 account.

Fifth procedure: Obtaining a family residence permit card

Under this procedure, you are expected to obtain a Qatari ID card (which is actually a residence permit card).  Here you need to go to the local police office with your ID card, passports of your spouse and children and passport size photos taken in a blue field.

Note that for the first year, the value of the residence permit is QAR 500.  After you pay the fee, the officers will notify you as soon as the cards are ready for collection.

-Qatari family visa fee (per person)
-Qatari family visa 200 Qatari riyals
-Qatar ID card (for one year) QR500
Health check 100 QR

Remember that there may be additional fees for document verification, blood type certificate, etc.  In addition, you will be charged additional money if you decide to convert a visitor visa into a residence visa without leaving Qatar.  And if you want to bring over-age children with you.

When bringing your family members with you, be aware of the fact that children 25 years of age or older are not allowed on their parents’ visas.  However, there is no minimum age for female children to change their marital status.  Adult children who are over the age limits can obtain a residence permit from their parents for an additional year to find an employer during that year.

If your family members decide to work
If your spouse or adult children (while on a family residence visa) intend to work, they must obtain special permission (called a work permit) to legally work in the country.  It is also possible to use Metrash 2 to obtain the permit.

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