MPOWER’s Global Citizen Scholarship; Thrive as an international student with a grand prize MPOWER’s Global Citizen Scholarship of US $10,000.

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If you’re a foreign student, you’ve certainly experienced firsthand how challenging it can be to find an MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship. International tuition is frequently twice as expensive as domestic tuition, leaving you with significant financial obligations and just slightly more scholarship alternatives.

MPOWER Financing fills that need with its yearly Global Citizen Scholarships. Although MPOWER provides loan help to foreign students, you do not have to be an MPOWER borrower to seek for this award, which was created particularly for international students. This prize is accessible to students immigrating in the US or Canada.

Details of the MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship There are three reward tiers for the Global Citizen Scholarship:

Major Award: $10,000
Second place: $2,000
$2000 for Honorable Mention

You therefore have 3 chances to win money for your education. The application date is January 15, 2023, so don’t delay.

Is the MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship available to me?

An international student enrolled full-time at a recognized Canadian or American university may be eligible to receive a scholarship up to US $10,000. The details are as follows:

Acceptance or full-time enrollment in one of 400+ schools in Canada or the United States that MPOWER supports
possess a valid visa allowing international students to study in either Canada or the United States

I’m done now! To apply, you don’t have to become an MPOWER borrower.

Keep in mind that this scholarship is only intended for international and DACA students, thus Canadian and American citizens studying abroad are not qualified to receive it.

What is the MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship application process?

There is no need for stress because the recruitment process is easy.

Review the application in step one.
Check out the MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship webpage to make sure you understand everything.

Step 2 is to answer the essay prompt.
Write a 500-word or less essay, poem, slideshow, or other piece of writing on the subject of:

the effects you’ve had on the scientific community globally or on your local community.

How you plan to continue having an impact after graduating
How you will reach your goals with the help of your education.

3rd step: review and submit

Before submitting, make absolutely sure your request is entirely correct, truthful, and full. Then have a buddy or teacher review it. Before January 15, 2023, submit your application with any word or punctuation mistakes fixed!

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