Introduction to Quebec Immigration:

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Quebec offers a distinctive fusion of French and Canadian traditions in addition to being rich in history, literature, and stunning natural scenery. Being a part of the federal system of Canada, the province enjoys special privileges and authority to preserve and advance its distinctive culture and use of the French language.

Quebec possesses its own immigration policies, initiatives, and selection standards as a result. You may learn about your immigration alternatives and get a general idea of the Quebec visa application process on this thorough Canadavisa page.

Canada shares federal and provincial authority over immigration. According to the Constitution, the national govt has more control over immigration than the provinces. As a result, throughout Canada’s history, the federal government took the lead in integrating and integrating immigrants.

However, Quebec has more control over immigration than almost any province. When Quebec established its very own immigration department in 1968, it became more involved in Canada’s immigration system. At the time, Quebec understood that sustaining its distinctively Francophone identity required embracing additional immigrants.

Since then, the federal government has steadily granted the province additional immigration authority. The selection of all skilled immigrants to Quebec is now their responsibility. These immigrants must be admitted, according to the federal authorities.

Quebec chooses immigrants in step one using its own standards and procedures. A Certificat de sélection du Québec will be given to you and your family if you are chosen by Quebec (CSQ). You can apply for one of Quebec’s immigration programs to get this document, which is granted by the ministry of immigration, facilitation, and integration.

It is official that you have been chosen seeking immigration to Quebec once you receive your CSQ. You can move on to step two after completing this step.

This implies that you’ll be able to submit an application for permanent residency for Migration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada and obtain the approval needed to be a permanent resident of Canada after passing the required security, health, and criminality checks.

Simply put, yourself and your family must satisfy the standards of the both tiers of government in order to come to Quebec.

Applicants who acquire a CSQ and move through with receiving federal clearance for permanent residence may be entitled to show up at work and reside in Quebec on an International Mobility Program Plus (IMP+) unrestricted work visa while awaiting Canada’s final judgment under a new rule that took effect in 2022.

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