Important information for green card holders and holders of US citizenship

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Important information for green card holders and holders of US citizenship

Important information for green card holders and holders of US citizenship and You may lose your green card and it will be withdrawn in the following cases

1- Leaving the USA for an extended period of time

2- Failure to pay the taxes due

3. Claim that you are a non-immigrant for US tax refund;

4- Execution of aggravated felonies;

5- Not committing to renewing the green card every 10 years.

Green Card Benefits “Permanent Residency”

1- Applying to bring your wife and children to obtain residency

2- Buying real estate in the United States

3. Apply for Social Security, Supplemental Security Income and Kind Care Benefits

4- Joining the various branches of the US armed forces;

5- Applying for US citizenship after obtaining a green card for a period of five years. And three years if you get a green card as a result of a marital visa

Green Card Holder Responsibilities

When you get a green card you will have to abide by and comply with US federal laws, pay taxes, maintain your immigration status, and carry a green card with you at all times.

After entering America with a green card residency visa, you can apply for US citizenship after five years of receiving a green card.

Anna is for married women, or vice versa. You can apply for US citizenship after two years and nine months after receiving a green card I hold a green card, I can travel outside America for a period not exceeding a year and months, and if the period exceeds six months, you may be returned from American airports, unless the immigration officer at the airport proves a convincing reason Obtaining US citizenship gives you protection With citizenship, you will get protection both in the United States of America and abroad.

– Protection from deportation You cannot be deported if you are a US citizen, even if you are found guilty of a crime.

2- Protection abroad The US government protects citizens when they travel abroad. If you are a citizen, you can go to a US embassy or consulate in any country for assistance and information. 3-Protection of going home Permanent residents should be careful about travel regulations. They can be questioned at the border. But no one can deny your right to return to the USA if you hold a US passport.

5- Opportunity to bring your family to the USA Citizens get priority over permanent residents when they want to bring family members to live in the USA Benefits of US citizenship for your children

If your children are under the age of 18 and reside in the United States of America, they are automatically eligible for citizenship when you are naturalized But among the benefits of US citizenship is that you will have more rights. for example:

1- You have the right to vote in elections and to nominate yourself for any government position, except for the President of the United States. You must be born in America

2-You have the right to help the Federal College

3-You have the right to medical care

4- The United States of America allows people to hold dual nationalities, such as you were born in Yemen, entered America, received American citizenship, along with Yemeni citizenship. This is allowed.

5- American passport holders have the advantage that they are not required to have a visa to enter, or they have the advantage of a free visa in more than 180 countries around the world

6- You can apply for jobs in the US government. The reasons for booking most federal jobs are for US citizenship holders only.

7- Under US law, a valid US passport, or (passport card) is considered conclusive evidence that you hold US citizenship

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