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Immigrate to Canada farms and provide a work visa for the year 2022, and the job opportunities come with full funding and include a monthly salary, accommodation and health insurance, apply now for free.

Immigration to Canadian farms is one of the best Canadian opportunities. So, see the full details below and submit.


If you want to apply directly without reading the full details, click here.

The state




The Company’s name

Canada Farm Jobs

About the company

The company has been assisting Canadian farmers with foreign staffing needs for over 10 years. We are passionate about connecting people to each other and finding the right fit for our clients. Over the years, we have developed a wide network of applicants from different countries of the world.”

We are fully aware of the challenges Canadian farmers face while recruiting from abroad and have developed effective solutions to help deal with those challenges. On the other hand, we are aware of the problems faced by individuals who are trying to find suitable jobs in Canada who are willing to make Canada their home.

job description

If you are a young man or woman, speak good English, grew up on a farm or have a degree in agriculture and less than two years of farming experience or most of your experience has been on smaller farms and you have no experience operating large farming equipment, but are also willing to learn, you may This type of situation suits you better. Typically, this type of applicant will start at a lower wage with the possibility of increasing as you learn new skills. Attitude can do, and the desire for continuous learning and self-improvement is desirable. Most of the jobs will be on grain or mixed farms, but we have some opportunities on dairy, pig and vegetable farms.

Countries available to apply

Applicants from all over the world are eligible to apply.


 There is no upper age limit.
 You do not need a language certificate to apply for a job.
 There are no fees for submitting an application.

Advantages of immigration to Canada farms

1- Salary:

Starting wage: $18 to $25 CAD per hour. Depending on your skill level and job type, there may be a wage review after 3, 6 or 12 months of employment.

2- Travel tickets:

Depending on the type of program you are coming to Canada with and the starting fee, your trip to Canada may be covered by your employer. For example, for foreign workers who come to Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and earn less than C$24.55 per hour (for employers in Saskatchewan), the employer is responsible for covering the cost of the trip to Canada and back and the costs cannot be deducted from the employees’ wages .

3- Health care:

For workers coming to Saskatchewan, you and your family members will be covered by regional health insurance from the first day of arrival and it’s free. Many employers also offer additional health benefits (dental coverage, disability insurance, etc.)

4- Accommodation:

There will be a place for you to stay when you arrive. The type of accommodation depends on your needs and the type of arrangements agreed with your employer. If you come for seasonal work (6-8 months), you can stay in a trailer or mobile home for free or at a subsidized price of CAD 250-450 per month, but if you come for two years, it may be better to rent a house or apartment.

5- Working hours:

Opening hours vary depending on the season and the size of the farm. It may work 12-16 hours per day during sowing and harvesting and only 2-4 hours in winter. Overtime is usually paid at a regular rate as agricultural operations are exempt from paying overtime rates according to regional labor laws.

Required files

Biography (from here).
Fill out the online application.

How to apply for work?

1- To apply for this opportunity, contact the following email:

2- Fill in your details and submit the application, good luck.

Admission criteria

You must have a valid passport for at least two more years.
You should not have a criminal record
You and your family members should be in good health
You must be able to prove that you have experience in farming. A minimum of one or two years of experience is required and this can be demonstrated by employment reference or employment confirmation letters from previous or current employers.
If you are under a Provincial Migration Program, you will be required to pass an English Language Test (IELTS) and also complete a number of application forms, detailing where you live, what you have done over the past 10 years and your travel history.

Application deadline

Now open until full.

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