Illegal immigration: the migrant crisis puts Rishi Sunak’s cabinet ministers accountable in the House of Commons

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British Home Secretary Suella Braverman is facing pressure over poor conditions at an immigrant processing center in Kent on the English Channel.

Labor and Conservative MPs are calling for Braverman to clarify the status quo in Kent to the British House of Commons.

Hundreds of people were evacuated to Manston, Kent, on Sunday, after a shooting at an immigration facility in the Dover Channel area.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick and Sir Roger Gill, a Conservative MP, visited the Manston Immigration Processing Center on Sunday to discuss easing the “enormous” pressure on the center.

The officials’ visit highlighted reports that Home Secretary Braverman had taken decisions against evacuating more migrants to nearby hotels.

Sir Roger declared that the Home Secretary had “mistakenly” in not tasking her with preparing more hotel rooms for immigrants, and that this had resulted in a situation of overcrowding.

Sir Roger has pledged to evacuate 650 migrants from Manston to hotels or temporary accommodation over the next few days.

Sir Roger and Labor parliamentarians want the Home Secretary to answer questions on the matter in the House of Commons at a later time.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said overcrowding had increased dramatically.  Cooper called for a decision to be “more effective” and to eliminate “excessive bureaucratic causes of delay”.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Home Secretary Braverman are expected to discuss the situation in Kent at a later date.

Braverman described Sunday’s shooting in the Dover area, in which two were injured, as “disturbing.”  The suspect was found dead at a nearby gas station.

Following the Dover accident, about 700 people were evacuated to Mansut.  They had just crossed the English Channel in small boats.  The British government said health and safety were its top priorities.

Concerns about the conditions for immigrants in Manston come as many charities call for a “compassionate and efficient regime” with immigrants.

Charities including Christian Aid and Save the Children wrote an open letter to the Home Secretary.  These institutions called for safer routes for those coming to the UK.

“You proudly point to this country’s history of providing sanctuary and refuge, and we ask you to let this happen within a system that is just, merciful, and effective with immigrants,” the letter said.

Real danger:

About 1,000 migrants crossed the English Channel by boat on Saturday, according to British government data.

Over the past week, Border and Immigration Inspector David Neal told MPs he was left traumatized by a “really dangerous” situation at Manston – a supposed temporary (a few hours) detention center for migrants.

Sir Roger said about 4,000 immigrants were now at the RAF base, which is capable of accommodating about 1,000 people.  He added that some of them have been staying there for five weeks.

So far this year, 39,430 people have made the dangerous journey from France to the United Kingdom on small boats.

The United Kingdom spends about seven million pounds a day on hotel accommodation for asylum seekers, and the number is set to rise, parliament members said last week.

The British government said that in the year to June 2022 there were 63,089 asylum applications submitted to Britain, an increase of 77 percent over 2019.

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