How to register in france universities 2023 + costs, conditions and visa to study in France

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How to register in French universities 2022 + costs, conditions and visa to study in France

These are all questions and others that we will address in today’s article, given that France is one of the most European countries to which most Arab and Maghreb countries are open,

Because it has a special relationship with the Moroccan people, history testifies to it in the first place, and because it has an excellent educational system, which made it occupy very advanced ranks globally, so it receives a huge number of students annually from all over the world and the Maghreb people in particular.

For this and in order to clarify the matter of studying in France, we tried to discuss it and address it from all sides, so if you are interested in studying in France, I advise you to read this article from beginning to end because it will guide you and follow the registration procedures in French universities 2022-2021 step by step In a simple and accessible way,

And when I say step by step, that is, you will know about the smallest details that you will need, starting from the process of registering in French universities until obtaining university admission and traveling to France,

That is why I will tell you, dear reader, that today’s topic is not an article, but it will serve as a companion and guide for you throughout your study trip in France, so be ready to start this journey with me.

Information about studying in France

Studying abroad remains one of the dreams of any young man who seeks to open up and discover a new life that will change his course and his way of thinking about life.

French public universities
or private French universities
Even the free French universities

France remains one of the European countries that can achieve for the student everything he dreams of thanks to its excellent educational system and its universities, whether

  • French public universities
  • or private French universities
  • Even the free French universities

In total, we find that the French educational network includes about 3900 institutions, all of which are distributed in French cities and according to the disciplines in which they are taught, so that there are universities with a specialization:

Study Masters in France
Study engineering in France
Study pharmacy in France
Study Law in France
Study Law in France
Study a PhD in France
Study Commerce and Management in France
Study Fine Arts in France
Study Business Administration in France
bts study in france

And other universities that offer specializations other than the ones we mentioned, all of this, of course, can only be in order to provide the student with many opportunities, openness, and even expand the scope of his thinking in several areas.
That is why, as we said in the opening of the article, that France has become one of the European countries known for attracting unlimited students annually from all over the world, especially Moroccan students who have become at the forefront of the list of foreign students who are pursuing their studies in French higher education, with a number of more than 40,000 Moroccan students.

That is about 40% of the total international students in France, followed by Algeria, which makes up about 20% of the total international students in France, then China, Italy, Senegal, Tunisia, Cote d’Ivoire, Spain, Cameroon, Lebanon…

Because of this important percentage, which Moroccans are at the fore in the list of foreign students, which almost reached half (50%), France began to reduce the number of visas granted to Moroccan students, in order to achieve sufficiency and balance among all countries of the world.

But this does not prevent France from occupying the first rank in the list of French-speaking countries hosting students, because even after reducing the number of visas granted to Moroccan students starting in 2019, the number of foreign students continues to increase,

Indeed, data from UNESCO and the Ministry of Higher Education confirmed that the number of students in the world is expected to increase to more than 80 million students during the year 2025,

Because studying in France, as we have mentioned, gives the student many privileges, the most important of which is international recognition of certificates and diplomas obtained during study in France due to its respect for all international standards and conditions.

How to register in French universities 2022-2023

The first thing that comes to the mind of a person wishing to study in France is to know how to register in French universities 2022-2021, so it will be necessary to mention all the conditions for studying in France that must be met during your study trip in boring detail so that the process of registering in French universities becomes clear to you how it is going, so You will need:

Define the study project

Starting from the beginning of the last year of high school, you should think about the study project, i.e. defining the field or specialization to be studied, which corresponds to your tribal orientations, i.e., which fits your future goals and personal inclinations,

For example, if you are a student pursuing your second year of baccalaureate studies in sports sciences and you are interested in the field of engineering, you can join the preparatory departments in a French institution and then join the Faculty of Engineering and choose the appropriate department for you in the field of engineering.

But if you are one of the students who do not know how to define their academic project well and professionally, I advise you to follow the following methodology that depends on asking yourself some questions, such as:

  • How do I want to be four years from now?
  • What professional activities comfort me the most?
    Am I one of those people
  • who prefer to work alone or in a team?
  • Does my character accept instructions from someone else or not?
  • What is the job that I dream of since childhood and that inspires me?

And many other more specific questions all will direct you towards a suitable study project for you so that you can achieve your personality in the first place before your desire.

Obtaining a high school diploma or baccalaureate

One of the first steps necessary to complete studies in France is to obtain a high school diploma or baccalaureate, because the higher educational system in any country depends primarily on the baccalaureate certificate, access to it.

Therefore, in the absence of this certificate, it is not possible to enroll or consider studying in France.

Mastering the French language

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