How to get a job in Japan 2023

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Your guide to how to get a job in Japan for 2022 in detail is as follows:

Are you interested in working in Japan after graduation? Here is the information you need to know about working in Japan.

How is the job market in Japan?

If you understand Japanese language and culture, Japan is a great place to look for work. In recent years, Japan has had more job opportunities and the promotion of international students makes it easier for foreign graduates to compete in the job market, especially if you have studied in Japanese universities. Among the strong industries in Japan are business, information technology, and education. Also, the average salary in Japan is about $2,700, according to the 2020 stats.

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What is the probability of working in Japan after graduation?

In general, Japan is very welcoming of international students. To work after graduation, you must obtain a work or long-stay visa if you are going to stay in the country and look for a job. Contact the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information on how to obtain a long-term visa.

Things you should know about working in Japan

Learn about Japanese language and culture. Many programs for international students offer language lessons, so check with your university to see if you can get into it!
Keep your principles in mind. While there are more jobs than people want, recent graduate jobs are still very competitive. If you want to get a job in Japan, start building a network of contacts as soon as you arrive.
Bring. Check out these guides on how to write a resume and types of references.
Make friends! It doesn’t hurt to know people, especially those who have lived in Japan for a while, and understand the culture. The more you immerse yourself, the more you know about Japan and the job market.
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Resources for finding work in Japan

Finding a job in Japan can be difficult for international students, as there are few systems to help foreigners work outside the university. Be sure to ask the university for guidance in finding a job. They will be able to give you more information about the topic and what you need to do well in your research. Many universities have special access to websites where there are job offers and other resources. Don’t be shy if you are going to seek help from the International Office or from your teachers, they may be able to point you in the right direction for you.

Here are some of the popular websites that have job offers:

O-Sensei Hayo
Portal JREC-IN
Good luck and God bless you!


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