How do you get a scholarship in Germany?

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With the high cost of living in Germany, obtaining a scholarship is one of the convenient solutions for Arab and foreign students. What is the best way to get a scholarship in Germany?

Obtaining a scholarship is one of the concerns of Arab students in Germany, given the high cost of living. In addition to the costs of daily living, students in some German states, such as Bremen, Hamburg and Bavaria, have to pay semester university fees of about 700 euros. Mariana Bolati, who is responsible for distributing scholarships at Humboldt University in Berlin, would like to be able to help each individual student out of the 28,000, but this is impossible, as she is the only one responsible for raising funds to fund scholarships.

Since the implementation of the “Germany Scholarships” program last February, the tasks entrusted to it have increased. The new program enables the student to receive 300 euros per month for two study sessions. Half of the value of this grant is sponsored by the state, “and the rest is covered by higher institutes through private donations,” says Mariana, who at the same time stresses the difficulty of finding donors. “In the summer session I was able to find donors for 18 grants, and in the winter session. I will only find donors for 14 scholarships.”

Scholarships for foreign students:

The difficulty is not limited to finding donors, but the process of selecting the beneficiaries of these grants costs a lot of time and effort. Especially for students who come from poor social backgrounds. Therefore, the application of the new scholarship program is useful for these students. The factors for selecting students to receive the scholarship do not depend on their income or the income of their parents, but also include their academic excellence. Academic excellence means obtaining excellent grades.

There are also other circumstances that may constitute a factor in the student’s obtaining a scholarship. For example, a student who is responsible for raising a child in parallel with his studies, or a student who wants to obtain a university degree in very difficult social conditions, has the best chances of obtaining this scholarship. Therefore, these scholarships have received the attention of a large number of foreign students. In the first selection phase at Humboldt University, one out of seven foreign students was selected. Many foreign students have applied from Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Korea. The “Germany Scholarship” program is open to all students, regardless of their nationalities, and during the selection process everyone receives the same treatment, says Mariana Polatti, “Germans are treated like foreigners at the selection stage. “

How does an Arab student get a scholarship?

For an Arab student, there is no single method or standard conditions for obtaining a university scholarship in Germany. Obtaining a scholarship is determined according to his academic specialization, the university degree he wants to obtain, and the country from which he comes. The German Academic Exchange Service DAAD cooperates with several Arab countries, says Ms. Heinen of the Foundation, adding: “We have partnerships with several Arab countries, especially the exchange partnership with Egypt as well as with Tunisia.”

Private Foundation Grants:

However, the possibility of obtaining a scholarship is not limited to grants granted by official institutions and cultural exchange institutions, but there are many private institutions within Germany that help foreign students, either fully by covering all costs of study or partially by paying university fees and covering costs Housing. In Germany, some political parties allocate scholarships to foreign students who share the same intellectual trends, such as the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which is close to the Social Democratic Party.

Many churches and religious institutions are keen to give scholarships to foreign students, regardless of their religious beliefs. This is in addition to scholarships granted by private economic institutions to business leaders, such as the “Sawiris” Foundation in Egypt, which offers scholarships to Egyptian students wishing to study in Germany. In general, the self-search for a scholarship remains the best way for the student, either by direct inquiry from the foreign offices that all German universities specialize in, or through the possibilities provided by many websites specialized in studying in Germany.


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