How do you buy tickets for the Qatar World Cup 2022? What are the ticket prices?

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The start of the Qatar World Cup in 2022 AD is anticipated by millions of spectators around the globe, and those interested in watching the tournament matches have already begun purchasing tickets for attendance, which was revealed last Tuesday, the twenty-seventh of September 2022 AD.

The inaugural World Cup tournaments are expected to begin on November 20th of next year and will go until December 18th, 2022, according to the official calendar.

Ticket links for the FIFA World Cup 2022
The next hyperlink: ar.html?queue=05-FWC22-FCFS-PROD The World Cup ticket ordering page is located at this URL.

The next hyperlink: ar.html?queue=05-FWC22-FCFS-PROD Fans who are already in Qatar can purchase World Cup tickets using this site.

Prices for World Cup tickets across all categories:

Since the World Cup Qatar 2022 start date was announced, the official website has become extremely crowded and incredibly hard to access due to the large amount of individuals who want to buy tickets. Fans are only allowed to purchase a limit of six tickets per match and a total of 60 bookings for all matches played during the tournament. The cost of a ticket in each category is:

Tickets for the inaugural World Cup game involving Qatar and Ecuador cost 2,250 QR in the top category, 1600 QR in the second, 1100 QR in the third, and 200 QR in the fourth.

The first category of World Cup tickets for the round of 16 will cost 1000 QR, the second category 750 QR, the third category 350 QR, and the last category 70 QR.
The cost of the first category, the quarterfinal match, is 1550 QR; the second category, 1050 QR; the third category, 750 QR; and the fourth category, 300 QR.

Tickets for the first category’s semi-final games cost 3480 Qatari riyals, those for the second category cost 2400 riyals, those for the third category cost 1300 riyals, and those for the fourth category cost 500 riyals.

The very first category will cost 1550 Qatari riyals, the second 1100, the third 750, and the fourth 300. These amounts will be used to determine the 3rd and 4th positions as well as the cost of their tickets.
The cost of the World Cup championship game will also be 5850 Qatari riyals for first category, 3650 riyals for the second category, 2200 riyals for the third category, and 750 Qatari riyals for the fourth category.

Many football fans agree to purchase tickets and take advantage of the possibility to trip and watch the matches directly from its website because of their passion for watching the competition, which also was launched by the International Football Association FIFA.

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