Grants and scholarships to Austria

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Are you searching for an Austrian scholarship or research grant? Scholarships are available to worldwide students and researchers at a variety of institutions. There are various financial assistance options available based on your origin country and academic level. Please keep in mind that different institutions offer scholarships (OeAD, other financial support organisations, foundations, etc.).

More information for institutions intrigued in using the OeAD’s demonstrated services for their customized programs can be found at

Details about the OeAD’s scholarship programs for bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students, as well as post-docs and researchers, can be found here. Some programs accept applicants from all countries, while others only accept applicants from specific audiences (depending on their country of origin). There is a mention of the target audience for whom the bursary is destined (in parentheses).

Institutional funding:

Furthermore, several higher education institutions provide scholarships to international students. Scholarships provided by organizations. These are available from the international office of the higher education institution where you will be studying.

Scholarships and grants from your home nation:

Inquire whether scholarships or other forms of financial assistance are available in your home country.

Austrian scholarship and research grant database:, Austria’s greatest comprehensive set for scholarship money and research funding, provides an overview of a wide range of financial assistance options. Please keep in mind that there are few financial aid options for students enrolled in bachelor’s programs. In Austria, an entire degree program is almost never financially supported.

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