Free Volunteer Opportunity in France 2023

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For all those wishing to obtain volunteer opportunities in France.  Now you have a very excellent opportunity to realize your dream and get the opportunity to volunteer in France.  This opportunity is provided by the European Youth Organization to volunteer in France.

Applications for volunteer work in Turkey have been opened.  Volunteering provides free housing, meals and language learning as well as free training and cultural courses.

About volunteering:

The structure of the organization has 20 years of experience with young people, they welcome them from 2 to 17 years old.  they work to find a balance between fun activities and full events.  It is a priority to increase their participation in order to help them become active citizens.  The volunteer will integrate a team of young French workers, trainees and volunteers.  Everyone has their own mission, but we make every voice count in the decision-making process.  We have decided to make the year 2023 all about environmental and social transformation.  It is up to the ESC volunteer to find a topic of interest in this field.)  The volunteer will have enough time to adapt and will be able to choose the moment when he or she will want to participate in the project.

Volunteer details:

Host Country: France
Donor: The opportunity is offered through the European Youth website
The study levels that they can apply to: Bachelor’s students (ie university students), master’s and doctoral students (postgraduate studies) and graduates from various programs and specializations
Duration of volunteering: The duration of volunteering will be 35 weeks
Volunteer start date: Volunteer starts on October 1, 2022
End date of volunteer work: Volunteering ends on July 31, 2023
Age: The age of the applicant must be between 18 to 30 years
Language certificate: An English language proficiency certificate is not required to apply for this volunteer

Deadline to apply for volunteering: Application is available throughout the year

What are the Arab countries that are allowed to apply for this volunteering?

Syrian Arab Republic

Faculties and majors eligible to apply:

One of the best features of this opportunity is that it is possible for all students and graduates from different faculties, specializations and fields to apply for it, as it does not require a specific field or specialization of study.

Advantages of this volunteer:

This volunteer work offers many different advantages that make it a unique opportunity for all those wishing to volunteer in Europe.  You can learn about these features from the following:

Volunteering provides free housing for all those accepted
Provides a monthly salary
get meals
Availability of health insurance
Obtaining a transportation card
An opportunity to learn French
Obtaining training on arrival and during the volunteer period, as well as after the end of the volunteer period.

Features according to the official website in detail:

Accommodation in Tarbes, near MJC.  It’s a short walk, but we will provide a public transport card and SNCF youth card.  You will have a T1 apartment with private bathroom in a building with other young people.  We will help with all the problems of daily life and as for the food, you will have money and a place to cook but most meals are included in the MJC or in the FJT restaurant.

Documents required for application:

There are a number of documents that need to be attached in order to apply for this volunteering, and these documents must be translated into English, and here you can view these documents:

Fill out the volunteer application
Writing articles inside the application

Official website :

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