Conditions for permanent residence in Norway 2022

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The conditions of permanent residence in Norway 2022 are the necessary conditions for anyone who wants to settle in this country, so that these conditions help him to live within its territory in peace, but these conditions may be changed by the Norwegian government in relation to some changes in the citizenship law.

If you want to work, study or join a family member in Norway for more than three months, you will need a Norwegian residence permit.

This type of permit allows you to live and work in Norway, travel in and out of the country and even visit other Schengen countries at the time it is valid. It can also lead to permanent residence in Norway, and eventually citizenship.

To obtain a permanent residence permit in Norway, you must meet the following conditions:

– You must have lived in Norway continuously for at least three years. this means:
-You cannot have a residence permit for more than three months within the last three years.
-You cannot be outside Norway for more than seven months in total during the last three years.

-You must have a temporary residence permit that forms the ‘basis for permanent residence permit’ As such, you can only apply for permanent residence if you have one of the following residence permits:

-Residence permit for work (skilled and self-employed)
-Residence permit for family reunification
-Residence permit on the basis of asylum, protection or “strong humanitarian considerations”.

-At the time of application, you must have a valid temporary residence permit.
-You must be able to support yourself financially.
-You must not have received financial assistance from NAV (økonomisk sosialhjelp) in the past year.
-You must have a clear criminal record.
You should not have an order to compel psychotherapy.
-You must pass the Norwegian language and social studies test if you are between 16 and 64 years old.
-If you have a residence permit as a student or spouse at university or to marry in Norway, you cannot count this time in the three years required for permanent residence.

How to get a residence permit for Norway:

After clarifying the conditions for permanent residence in Norway 2022, we can refer to the procedures followed to obtain a residence permit in Norway, which must be followed to obtain all approvals.

To obtain a residence permit to live in Norway, you must either find a job, be accepted into a Norwegian university, or have a family member already living there. Once the requirements are met, the application process is as follows:


1-Gather Required Documents Depending on your reason for travel, there are different sets of documents you need to provide.
2-Submit an online application where you have to register on the UDI website (Norwegian Directorate of Immigration) and complete the online application and once completed, you will receive an email with a cover letter, which you have to submit to the embassy.
3-Pay the application fee On the UDI website, you must also pay the residence permit fee by debit or credit card.
4-Submit the documents After collecting all the documents and completing the online application, make an appointment at the nearest Norwegian Embassy/Consulate or Visa Application Centre.
5-Submit the documents and enter the interview, if required the Embassy/Visa Application Center (VAC) will forward the application to UDI.
6-UDI processes the application and informs you of the result.
7-If you need a visa, UDI will issue you an entry visa, which you can obtain at the embassy or a visa application center and use for travel to Norway.


Types of Norwegian residence permits:

There are several types of Norwegian residence permits, which we mention to you as follows:

Temporary residence permit: This is the type of permit you get when you first move to Norway. It is valid for 1-3 years and is renewable.
The most common are:

-Residence permit to work (also known as a Norwegian work visa).
-Residence permit for study (also known as Norway student visa)
-Residence permit for family reunification (also known as a Norwegian family visa)

Permanent residence permit:
This is the permit you get after you have resided in Norway continuously for the past three years, after which you can live and work there indefinitely, renewing your residence card every two years.

Documents required to apply for a residence permit in Norway:

In order to obtain permanent residence within the Norwegian territory, a set of documents must be available that show the identity of the individual applying for residence, and these documents are:

-Your passport Along with your original passport, attach copies of the personal information page and all pages used (those with entry stamps or visas).
-Cover letter After you complete your online application, you will receive this on your email, and you can simply print it out and attach it to your application.
-Passport size photos Photos must be recent and have a white background.
-Proof of residence by submitting a rental contract or other proof that you have a place to live after moving to Norway.

In the event that the person is working, he must attach a set of other papers, which are:

-Employment offer form.
-Proof that your salary meets the income requirements.
-Proof of your academic qualifications.
-Proof of previous work experience.
Your CV.

If you are moving for your studies:
-Acceptance speech.
-Proof that you have sufficient financial resources to maintain your residence in Norway and to pay tuition fees.

Norway residence permit fee:

The Norwegian government has announced the residence permit fees in Norway, which vary based on the individual’s reason for being in the country, his age and a host of other factors, and these fees are:


-Residence permit to work 6,300 NOK (about $695)
-Study residence permit 4900 NOK (about 540 USD)
-Residence permit for family reunification (adults) 10,500 NOK (about 1157 USD)
-Residence permit for family reunification (minors) – free
-Permanent Residence Permit (Adults) – 4,700 NOK (approximately $518 USD)



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