Conditions for immigration to Canada 2022 through the new pilot program for immigration to the Canadian countryside


Conditions for immigration to Canada through the pilot program for immigration to the rural and northern regions of Canada and the procedures required to apply to this program.

We pointed out that the Canadian Ministry of Immigration is working with the authorities of small areas to establish a mechanism to receive immigrants from skilled workers.

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Upon completion of drawing up the mechanism for attracting immigrants, it will be announced on the official Canadian immigration website.

Now, after a few months have passed since this news, the Canadian government has published on the official website for immigration to Canada the conditions and procedures that every person must take if he wants to immigrate to these areas through this pilot program.µ

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What is the Canadian Rural and Northern Immigration Program?

The Rural and Northern Immigration Program is a program for small communities and regions in Canada.

This program aims to generalize the benefits of economic immigration to all small areas in Canada by giving them the possibility to bring in skilled foreign workers who want to live and settle in these areas.

The government is partnering with these communities to test new ways of using immigration to help meet local labor market needs and support regional economic development, as well as the long-term retention of skilled newcomers.

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Canadian regions that work to bring in skilled workers:

There are 11 rural and northern regions out of 5 Canadian provinces that have entered into an agreement with the Canadian central government for the recruitment of skilled immigrants.

These areas are:

North Bay from the province of Ontario
Sudbury from the province of Ontario
Timmins from Ontario
Sault Ste. Marie is from Ontario
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Brandon is from Manitoba
Altona/Rhineland from the province of Manitoba
Moose Jaw from Saskatchewan
Claresholm from the province of Alberta
Vernon is from British Columbia
West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson) from British Columbia

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