British charity hunts for team to run Antarctica post office


A British charity is searching for people to spend five months in Antarctica, to run the world’s most remote post office.

The platoon will maintain the Port Lockroy base and be responsible for counting penguins, however will be without running water.

The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust says it generally gets hundreds of operations for these jobs.

It’ll be the first time the point will open to the public since the epidemic.

The trust, which is grounded in Cambridge, generally advertises annually for seasonal messengers at the point.

They’re responsible for conserving major structures and artefacts in Antarctica. Successful aspirants will be grounded on Goudier Island in the Antarctic Peninsula, with each other and a colony of Gentoo penguins for company. Port Lockroy was the first endless British base to be established on the Antarctic Peninsula, originally used from 1944 to 1962.

still since 2006, it has been used as a post office and gallery.

campaigners are needed to have good position of physical fitness, environmental mindfulness and a

knowledge of minimal impact living.

They will be assigned with running the gift shop and post office, as well as conducting a penguin count as part of sweats to cover the Gentoo penguin colony.

The platoon will also look after the artefacts and gallery inside Bransfield House.

The point has not had any callers for over two times, due to restrictions in place because of Covid- 19 though it generally welcomes around,000 people between November to March the Antarctic summer. This means that the chosen campaigners will be the first to live at the point since the 2019 input.


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