Authorities in Mediterranean nations argue that migration outside should be stopped.

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Authorities from numerous Mediterranean nations believe that Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, should work inside third countries to stop smugglers from endangering migrants’ lives by sending them on perilous boat crossings to Europe.

According to, authorities from nations that received the most migrants from the EU’s southern and southeastern boundaries, including Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, and Cyprus, said they would bring up the idea to the bloc’s rulers this month in order to establish centers for applying for asylum in neighboring nations out of which qualified candidates might gain entry European countries in a secure manner.

The organization of the migration condition would benefit from the establishment of such centers, according to officials from a number of Mediterranean nations. Smugglers’ appeal would be lessened, and people with legitimate concerns about their safety in their home countries would be able to travel to European nations in safety.

“We have wasted a lot of time making claims and pointing fingers at one another. While we continue to ignore the problem at hand, children and people continue to perish. The Home Affairs Minister of Malta, Byron Camilleri, remarked in this respect, “How long will it take to take us Europeans to recognize that the only way to save lives is to end people smuggling once and for all.”

Notis Mitarakis, the minister of migration and asylum for the Hellenic Republic, has thought that the European Union’s border agency needs greater resources since, in his opinion, when borders are adequately maintained and monitored, the death toll significantly decreases.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska Gomez, Spain’s interior minister, asserts that Frontex must improve coordination with law enforcement in other nations in order to stop migrant boats from leaving ports after being landed.

Nicos Nouris, the interior minister of Cyprus, commented on the situation and said that it is time for consequences to be applied to third countries that refuse to take back those whose asylum claims have been denied.

Nouris stated, “It’s very wrong for us as a nation to oppose the homecoming of their own countrymen back.”

Governments in European Union nations are constantly looking for new approaches to cope well with migration issue, which is one of the bloc’s most pressing problems.

According to numbers recently released only by Cypriot Interior Ministry, of the 27,000 migrants who infiltrated Cyprus in the previous two years, 6% arrived by boat and 94% entered the country through some kind of Inadequately buffer zone from separatist northern third.

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