All you need to know about working while studying in Germany

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With the beginning of his study trip in Germany, the international student begins to seek side work to cover part of the cost of living.  Fortunately, the German government allows foreign students, according to certain regulations, to work during the study period.

Working while learning German:

According to the conditions of the study visa, foreign students are not authorized to work during the stage of learning the German language except during the time periods between language courses, which do not exceed at best 15 days, and therefore obtaining a job during this short period may be very difficult.

On the other hand, the student can register himself with private employment offices that help job seekers Zeitarbeitsfirma by linking them with companies looking for temporary employment, where the student can do simple work that does not require experience or much knowledge of the German language such as packaging the products of a company and obtaining a wage that exceeds  9 euros per hour.

Undergraduate work:

There are 3 types of employment contracts for international students in Germany:


In this case, the foreign student is allowed to work up to a certain number of hours, provided that the salary does not exceed the barrier of 450 euros per month, and here the student does not pay any kind of taxes.


This type of work allows the international student to work more hours compared to the previous type, but in return he must pay income tax and pension insurance, which is calculated according to the total annual income.


It is a type of work available to students only, and one of its most important conditions is that the student work in the same field of his academic specialization.
The minimum work in this case is 46 hours per month, while the maximum is 80 hours.

The student pays income tax and pension insurance, while his salary reaches 9 thousand euros annually.

One of the most prominent advantages of Werkstudent is that it allows the student to obtain a large amount of experience in the same field of study, and therefore getting a good job after graduation may become easier.

Work on campus

The university usually provides its students with a number of part-time jobs. These opportunities can be searched for on the university’s website or through its Facebook groups.

Other ways to get funding while studying in Germany:

There are many organizations that provide scholarships to international students residing in Germany to help them cover housing and living costs.

This type of scholarship can be searched for on some websites such as or

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