8 Reasons Internships Make a Difference

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When deciding between getting a degree related to the field you want to work in or starting with real-world work experience to advance in your career, the decision can seem overwhelming. The good news is that you can choose to have the best of both worlds. By doing an internship during your studies, you will have the academic training you want while acquiring the professional experience necessary to land a job that will put you on the path to your future career.

These internships are called “school-supported internships” and some will even allow you to earn credits in addition to work experience in a quality workplace. Even better, the school will help you find internships in your area of ​​interest and place you, which will make the process much easier than trying to get an internship on your own. Find out why a school-supported internship is worth your time and attention.

1. To explore a multitude of sectors and career options

Most degree courses offer a wide range of career options in different industries. An internship allows you to discover the different types of companies, and the positions available in these companies that may correspond to your course. You may find that the career path you had planned changes and you take on a different position that you may not have thought of. It will also allow you to explore different industries and company sizes to find what will best suit your career and lifestyle needs.

To build a professional network

Whatever your career choice, networking is an essential part of your success. You will need to build a strong network to learn more about the industry, find career opportunities in your field, and make contacts that you can rely on for a number of aspects of your job. It is indeed easier to find a job in the chosen field by forging links with people in the sector, whether they are other professionals in this sector or co-workers.

3. Pour mettre ses connaissances en pratique dans le monde du travail

You will learn a lot through your college education, but you may not yet understand or know how to put these skills into practice in a professional context. Thanks to an internship supported by the school, you will be able to test this knowledge directly, as well as the various skills acquired throughout your schooling, such as behavioral skills. This will not only give you the opportunity to see how actionable all of your acquired knowledge is, but will also help you determine which skills you need to improve.

  1. To improve your CV

A university degree certainly adds strength to your CV, but the professional world is becoming more competitive and many companies are also looking for hands-on experience. Even an entry-level position may require some work experience. An internship can therefore give you an advantage over other candidates applying for the same position. Companies will also appreciate the fact that it may be easier to train you or that you can go directly to a position because you have already worked in a professional context.

To improve time management and communication skills

Time management and communication are two of the most important skills you will use in any type of position. While these skills can be taught through formal education, using them in a professional setting will not only help you appreciate their value, but also use them more effectively. At university, you manage your time according to your personal schedule and that of your classes. In business, you will need to be able to ensure that deadlines are met by taking into account the schedules of others. You will also improve your communication skills with supervisors, team members, customers and other employees.

To learn from others

Although learning from others may seem normal in almost any setting, an internship will allow you to observe other employees performing their jobs and applying the skills necessary to succeed in their job. job. You will have first-hand information, which is necessary to fill the positions that interest you. You can deepen your knowledge by asking your superiors and colleagues if you can observe them during the day to see what their daily life is like. You can also ask to attend meetings to observe how you conduct yourself professionally and how to convey your opinions and ideas most effectively.

To find out how a professional workplace works

You will learn the basics of how businesses work in your textbooks and in your courses, but in reality, not all businesses operate the same way. An internship will allow you to observe different organizational structures and experience the pace of work and corporate culture for yourself. Of course, this might not be exactly how the business works in your future career, but it will give you insight into a professional working process. You will learn everything there is to know about employee relationships and interactions, as well as how the leadership structure works. This knowledge can help facilitate your integration process into a new job.

To find a permanent position at the end of your studies

L’objectif de tout étudiant est d’obtenir un diplôme et un poste dans le domaine professionnel de son choix rapidement après avoir terminé ses études. Grâce aux possibilités de stage, vous pouvez trouver un poste et une entreprise pour laquelle vous aurez envie de travailler par la suite. Un stage vous permettra de montrer à cette entreprise que vous avez les compétences et la volonté nécessaires pour occuper l’un de ses postes de niveau débutant. De nombreuses sociétés préfèrent en effet recruter des stagiaires, car ils apprennent à connaître l’entreprise et les exigences du poste, ce qui leur permet de s’intégrer plus facilement au sein de l’entreprise avec un minimum de formation supplémentaire.

De l’acquisition de compétences comportementales à celle d’une expérience professionnelle, les stages peuvent vous aider à prendre un bon départ dans la carrière dont vous avez toujours rêvé.

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